Heels!! What a high price to pay for beauty!

June 25, 2009 9:38am CST
Heels make ladies look more elegant, and bring out their feminine side. There are casual types, and business types. I would like to wear these pretty things too. But every time I wear them, it's so uncomfortable, I can't walk comfortably, my back aches after prolonged wearing, and i develop blisters because of them. I complain and do not touch them for some time. Yet after awhile, I get the urge to want to wear them again. And of course during occasions like interviews and formal wear is needed, court shoes are necessary. So eventually for the sake of beauty and smartness, it's my feet who eventually bear the suffering. Men don't understand why we wear these shoes in spite of being so uncomfortable in them. But you guys are attracted to ladies in nice heels, am i right? What are your opinions with regards to this statement, and heels in general, guys? For ladies/girls, wanna share your experience about heels and if there are any ideas for a comfy walk in heels, please share too? =).
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@Pigglies (9339)
• United States
27 Jun 09
I don't see the point of wearing painful shoes personally. I can barely even walk in high heels, so I don't buy them. I don't like to see my woman in high heels either. I could probably date someone who tortured their feet like that, but I certainly wouldn't pick a woman just because she liked high heels. Personally I'd rather see her in some nice hiking sandals. Now those are sexy.
• Singapore
20 Jul 09
haha if only everyone thought this way pigglies! comfort should be the way to go*~ wouldn't want to see your loved one in agony yeah? thanks for the comment!