Tattoo Eyeliner

United States
June 26, 2009 3:11am CST
They have put a new way of people have put on eyeliner. Now you can put it on in a form of a tatoo which is cool but very painful. If this tatoo is done right you will never have too put on eye liner again wouldn't that be great! I magine how much women spend on eyeline every year. The tatoo does cost money but look at all the money you would save. Never have to buy a eyeliner pencil again. The cons of this tatoo would be that it is painful and always run a risk of getting an infection of the eyes. You will endure puffyness and swelling. This is to be expected due to needles and ink being but in your skin. With any tattoo you run a risk of ink poisioning it doesn't happen very often but can happen. Another con is if you don't want a constant line of eyeline on your eye it's there permantly. Also you have to go a couple of times before it is totally finished it is not a one time deal . Most people think you go once it's done but that isn't the case. If you are concidering this done think of all the pros and cons and make sure it is right for you. There is alot to consider when choosing this kind of tattoo or any tattoo.
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• United States
27 Jun 09
that seems like a dumb idea to me I am all for tattoos but... what happens if you dont want to look like you are wearing eyeliner anymore? what happens with age an skin starts to sag and eyes start to droop? and to have a needle that close to your eye... UGH no not for me thanks