Treo or iphone or blackberry?

@abetole (221)
June 28, 2009 12:16am CST
Business phones.....multimedia phones......THERE ARE SO MANY PHONES AROUND!!!!!!! Which phone do you prefer as an all in one device? A Treo or an iphone or a blackberry?
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@fauxidia (19)
• Trinidad And Tobago
28 Jun 09
lol. interesting. I really like the iphone, but honestly, none of the above. I think i prefer HTC devices. Blackberrys (Blackberries), not sure what is plural of Blackberry,hmm. Anyway, Blackberries are way too fragile in my opinion.
@abetole (221)
• India
28 Jun 09
Different answer...i liked it..That way i think there is no single phone produced, which is 100%...there is always one or the other thing missing; and sometimes the missing thing is a silly and simple one. E.g. For typing an underscore (_) in some phones even having QUERTY keypads, one has to enter in a maze of functions to find the function...
• United States
17 Jul 09
Ive had alot of phones and the best one would have to be the iphone. I love it. I use my phone soo much. Im lost when its not with me. I hada blackberry and it wasnt that good of a phone i had alot of problems with it.
@tonyllenium (6265)
• Italy
29 Jun 09
mmh..normally i don't consider iphone because it is really not a so good device in my suely if you have business pruposes i think blackberry still the best in this type of needs and even their services sounds really good and useful in the same time!! A sregards palm..treo i didn't like it too much may be the configuration never convincted to it is true that the treo is a bit old than some other modles of other brands so seeing that it will com out the new pre from palm i will wait see for it before judge it!!