thats just his way

June 28, 2009 2:12pm CST
I don't give a sheet if it's his (or her) way! Do you know people that use that saying about others to excuse their behaviour? Oh he's always been like that, or my personal favourite "it's an older generation thing" Now I dont know about where you live, but in the UK, sooooo many people use that to excuse racist behaviour. Do you make excuses like that for peoples bad behaviour (adults) Do people make excuses like that for your beahviour?
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@clutterbug (1051)
• United States
28 Jun 09
I read a book by Dr. Charles Stanley once, and I'll never forget his words. He said that people will sometimes say, "It's just the way I am," but Dr. Stanley said, "It's the way they have CHOSEN to be." I love it!! Thanks
28 Jun 09
thats kind of cool!
@tammytwo (4303)
• United States
2 Jul 09
This is as bad as the "boys will be boys" saying. I hate it and have never let my boys get away with that. I don't believe that it's ok for someone to act badly because of their gender. People just don't take responsibility for their own actions and it continues to get worse because even parents are excusing their children's bad behavior. I truly don't excuse people just because that is their way or because they have always been that way. I may understand it and avoid the person because of it but I won't excuse it at all.