Life in the Concrete Jungle

United States
June 28, 2009 6:18pm CST
As many know I have been gone for a bit. There is a reason. Perhaps because of some of the questions presented to me and I wanted to do feild research. Feild research requires feild work, meaning you have to head out into that nasy jungle called real life. Most of you know I live in the Concrete Jungle and I call it NYC, it is a rat race here but a lot has happened and I have had to digest a lot of things. People like Anne and Raia make me think and question and seek. Lady Luna placed questions on me and even Tskar in his own weird way made me seek. If I misspelled the names I am sorry. I have been asked a lot of questions and confronted when wrong, questioned and under fire and I welcome that. I also made some very major changes in my life but the truth is feild work is an interresting thing and I have been very crypitic to many on here as to what has happened because there are not words to explain the bursting of my Pollyanna bubble of the system I am seeing fail here in this Concrete Jungle. During my time away I was privalaged to visit Philly for the first time in my life for my first reading with a writing troupe I will be joining soon enough. I was ashamed of what I saw and heartbroken that where our Constitution lies, our heart of so many who came before us was down trodden and full of filth that traced through the streets. I am preparing for another case to cover that will be rather large and I did cover a case that would have gone to the Supreme Court, however I got slapped with a gag order, so I can not discuss the case. What I see in the Concrete Jungle and finally have had some time to come back to see my friends, even if you are in cyber space, that what I am seeing is reaching you as well. It is a rough time here in the Matrix folks, as soon as I can I will take some photos of the new er wings for those with suspected swine flu. Fun times are ahead, oh yes they are. Ainge
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@underdogtoo (9599)
• Philippines
29 Jun 09
I like the term concrete jungle although it has been quite a while since I heard it being mentioned. Life is great now and it has nothing to do with this or that jungle which mostly just exists in my mind. I could be living in the jungle, concrete or not and still be living in paradise in my mind. Cheers!!
@DavidReedy (2411)
• United States
6 Jul 09
sounds like you've seen some s**t. Indeed, without even knowing the specifics of what you're talking about, I know we're for some crazy times, no doubt. "Swine flu", FEMA coffins, scientist murders, the corporate looting of Iraq, oh my! DR...
@anniepa (27238)
• United States
29 Jun 09
It's great to see you back here posting, Ainge! I sure hope you're right, that fun times are ahead because I think we could all use some fun right about now, don't you? I'll look forward to those pictures. Annie