How Do We Become a Victim of Negative Emotions?

@bang323 (103)
June 29, 2009 8:06pm CST
In the self-help industry, there have always been suggestions and advices regarding how you could overcome your negative emotions and negative mind-sets. Lots of exercises like Meditation, Hypnosis, Yoga, Reiki, Zen etc. are advised to practice to overcome these negative aspects. No doubt, people dive into such suggestions and advices with an illusory hope that these exercises would bring remedy to their turmoiled life by some magic. The hope has nothing Divinity in it. Neither it carries any faith. Most of us don't try to delve any deeper into our thought-patterns and belief-systems to find the root of the cause which turn us negative. In my experience, one of the root causes of becoming negative is becoming SOLITARY. Everywhere you will see that the more developed we are becoming in our external affairs i.e. earthly activities, the more we are becoming alone in our inner world. And solitude is a by-product of 'the feeling of guilt.' The more we are performing, the more the guilty-feeling is getting on us. Arguably, this could be cited as the greatest cause of our turning negative in today's decaying society. With the decay of moral and social values, people are getting detached from each other. The institution of the family is crushing down. Love-bonds, relationships, friendships etc. have just become some names. We just can not trust anybody today for, most often than not, it is found that the trusted person has done some kind of betrayal. A marriage that normally takes place under Divine Interference, is ending up into physical separation and mental dejection under Human Interference. Therefore, we are becoming more conscious of our guilty-feelings. And the consequence that is following is our desperate attempts to hide those guilts. As we are more conscious these days about fruitation of our external activities for earthly gains of individual concerns, we are not limiting ourselves to commit conscious crimes and offenses. But equally we are concerned about hiding these crimes as we are always in the fear of being caught. The 'hide and seek game' can only result in fear which induces a person to commit more crimes. Remember Macbeth? Once he had committed a crime, how he went on to commit more crimes in order to hide that initial crime for he was always in the fear of being found out. This fear gradually overwhelms us, as it did with Macbeth, and we start living constantly in it with our utmost consciousness until it becomes our habit. This problem starts to get into us from the childhood days of 6-8 years. Parents start prohibiting their wards for doing things of their own. But in most cases they don't supply the necessary explanations that is needed to satisfy the quest that is invoked in the child by the prohibition. As a result some children turn timid in behavior, some others become bold and desperate and go on or try to go on with the adventure to find out all by themselves, what the reason is for the prohibition. We adults, often, want our younger generation to follow us and abide our instructions without asking any questions. When somebody wants to defy, we turn violent and ruthless, most of the times, for we are too much pre-occupied in our mind with the problems of our lives and other earthly matters. Very often we fail to notice or regularly deny to accept that the children have their own world of imagination and prohibiting them to do certain acts without proper explanation could infuse in them a sense of guilt. This grows as the child grows and grows with it the tendency to play the 'hide and seek game', ending up the child - now turned person, with full of negative emotions. Therefore, understanding the child psychology and tending a child with proper mental treatment is an utmost necessity of parents and would-be parents of today. Fear, doubt, disbelief etc. are very contagious. And most often we contaminate the God-like mind of our little ones with our fear, doubts, worries etc. by transmitting into them these negative emotions. As the person grows up, these negative emotions develop in him or her as well and take concrete shape when the person attains adulthood. These negative emotions stay in for the rest of the life and convert our belief-system to full of guilty-feeling. And the more we execute our jobs, both indoor and outdoor, the more we tend to play the hide and seek game. Not just we hide ourselves by alienating us from various social activities, we start doubting every other person about everything and when the fear shows up for being caught, we start condemning others and complaining about others. The more louder the voice of condemning and complaining is heard, the more is the case that the complainer is the real guilt. It becomes quite evident to a knowledgeable person that it is the complainer who is either trying to hide his or her guilt, or just escaping from shouldering the responsibilities or both. An alert person, who is living in the present moment with his/her mind, knows the value of taking responsibilities. He/She doesn't condemn or complain for he/she is free from the woes of the past and the fears of the future. He/She never plays the hide and seek game for he/she doesn't suffer from guilty-feeling. And, as a consequence, he/she never finds himself/herself alone. So be in the present moment. Start sharing responsibilities and stop condemning and complaining. Once the past-pains and future-worries are out of your thought-pattern and belief-system, you would definitely free your mind from the feeling of guilt. Then there would no reason left to play the hide and seek game and consequently you won't become lonely, alien to you near ones, your family and friends, and of course, your society.
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@myx_03 (540)
• Philippines
30 Jun 09
Negative emotions really cause a severe damage in our life as person. If we are a kind of person with a weak heart and easy to get from those emotions, that's really hard to overcome. We need someone to help us to overcome that problem, do not keep it on yourself, you can do something bad in your self or the other people around you. Some of the victims of negative emotions can cause a broken relationship, bad habits and etc. Better to pray for the strength that you need everyday. God bless!
@lynnemg (4539)
• United States
30 Jun 09
I think that if we concentrate on the negative things, they become all we can see, therefore; a major part of our own being. The only way to stop feeling and being negative is to consciously make the effort to notice and speak of good things in our life no matter how small and to smile more for absolutely no reason but to smile. I used to see the negatives in my life a lot, then, I made a choice to become a positive person not only in my actions, but also in my words and how I perceive things in life. It has made a huge difference for me. I am no longer as depressed as I was before and I am able to look ahead and see the good things. Even when my day seems to be going bad, I look around and remember how fortunate I am that I am here to see the day. That has made all the difference int he world.