Neighbors won't clean up dog poop in my yard!!!!

United States
July 2, 2009 2:39pm CST
I have had an ongoing battle with neighbors and their lack of ability to clean up their dog poop in my yard. We also have a dog and have been cleaning up after our dog right away because he does use the neighbors yard. The problem stems from me having to clean up after them when I have two small children. We have had confrontations and they know I don't care if their dog uses my yard, just clean up after it. It's really not that hard is it? Just today, their dog used my yard and I put their little shovel they use to clean up right in the middle of the droppings in the hope that they would clean it up. Instead they just picked up their shovel and left the poop. Would this irritate anyone? One more thing, they are very big christians. I am also a christian, but can not for the lift of me understand why they are being so ignorant about this. They are also being a little hipocritical because if I would not clean up after my dog and I confronted them, they would just use this as armor against me. That is the nice christian thing to do isn't it? Is there anything I can do to get this to stop?