McDonalds or Jollibee?

July 4, 2009 6:54am CST
Which one do you like? Well in our province which is Oriental Mindoro, we don't have McDonalds there, only Jollibee. And when I was still studying there at our province, Jollibee is one of my favorite fastfood chain. I usually eat there together with my friends. But now that I'm studying here in Manila, I really can't say which one is better. Just this morning, I ate at McDonalds at their branch in SM-Manila.. I ate there when the mall was still close. Because when I got there, it's only 9:44 in the morning and the mall will open at around 10am. And when I saw McDonalds open already, I decided to just eat there. I eat there because I was very hungry, and at the same time, to spend some time and wait for the mall to open.. To conclude this one, I think I like Jollibee more..