Cremation or traditonal funeral, would you go against their last wishes?

United States
@dvmurphy (326)
July 4, 2009 2:06pm CST
My btother is terminal and has colon, stomach and liver cancer. He went suddenly from 165 lbs to 111 lbs. He is against cremation and wants to be put to rest in our local cemetary next to our father in a casket. Our Mother has a $5000 life insurance policy that will take care of most of the funeral. I used to work in a funeral home and know the director so I arranged the funeral according to our brother's last wishes. After the burial we will still owe $975 but he will be laid to rest as he wanted. The problem is that two of our family members want to cremate the body as it is cheaper and have a small wake afterwards for friends and family to celebrate his life. I feel that this is wrong and that going against his last wishes is disrespectful. I think I took the right step in setting up the funeral ahead of time and taking care of all the arrangements. Personally, I feel that a wake afterwards is not necessary or we the family can supply the dishes ourselves for this. Would you go against your loved ones last wishes?