How much mean a smile for you when you need it? no words, just a smile...

@icesmile (7172)
July 4, 2009 3:03pm CST
"If you need a smile, and you don t have one, i ll give you one from me..." I like this words so much, sometimes this words can be the best love declaration...i am right or not? Do you buy with all your money a honest smile? I don t think so... Can a smile change our life or not?
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• Malaysia
6 Jul 09
i think if someone smile to me, i would think he's trying to get something out of me !! no, just kidding, i think smile can cheer you up, people are hard code in DNA that you will feel good when someone smile to you, of course unless you are paranoid. try this, when you are in very bad mood, try look at mirror and smile to yourself, or when you are very mad at someone, try smile to him instead, the whole siyuation change imediately.
@tigeraunt (6331)
• Philippines
5 Jul 09
am sure even once in your life you get to experience being depressed. but getting a smile from very encouraging friends cures whatever state you are in.. and makes you feel lighter and with lots of hope. when someone is angry or moody, and you smile at him even without talking and then he smiles back.. isn't it the most wonderful sight? smile always and let go of the blues. ann
@anniefannie (1743)
• United States
5 Jul 09
some days a smile is all that a person needs to go on
• United States
5 Jul 09
When we need a smile, it seems one always comes along for us. It reminds us that things aren't so bad, and neither are we! It may not be life-changing, but it certainly lifts one's mood! That's a wonderful thing, indeed!
@zhuhuifen46 (3486)
• China
5 Jul 09
It is said that people influence each other in many ways including the feeling of joy. And personally, I agree with the statement. In a family, if you have somebody in bad mood, the other will follow. A candy figure among family members is sometimes more valuable than money. A couple of years ago, I bought a smiling budder just to help ease my feeling. And comedies help a lot to cheer up. A positive mood is definately big help for enjoying our life.
@yugasini (12839)
• Anantapur, India
5 Jul 09
hi icesmile, you are very active in mylot,keep it up and you are correct in smile, smile will gain every thing
@bs905758 (57)
• Indonesia
4 Jul 09
Are you broken heart? but i think you just lonely. Right ? Chers up friend. keep smile :)