Which scene in your life would you most want to capture on a camera?

United States
July 6, 2009 12:35pm CST
I have a lot of scenes in my life like that, but the reasons go from sentimentality to hilarity. What about you?
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@pp_earn (210)
• India
20 Aug 09
I would always want to capture the most important, happy moments of my life when I am really very happy and cool, relaxed and comfortable.
• United States
6 Jul 09
I can't think one one particular scene, but I'd love it if all those cute moments with my kids were photographed. You know, the ones where no one around actually has a camera and you vow you'll always remember the moment but it slips away so fast? That would be awesome!
6 Jul 09
i think it just depends on the memory, all memories should be photographed so you can look back on them and remember what you was thinking/doing at a specific time. I have hundreds of photos which are just hilarious to look through because they are the types of moments that just have to be cuaght on camera
@lulu1220 (1010)
• United States
6 Jul 09
I don't care for me to be photographed. I am always the one with the camera anyway. I like to photograph places I travel too. I recently went to Seattle and Tacoma to see my sister and new newphew. I took lots of pics of scenery but more of my nephew. He was three months old at the time and I am not sure when I will get to see him again. So I made sure I took lots of photos. Plus the fact that my sister does not own a camera and was relying on her camera phone for pictures. Of course there have been funny moments that occur in which I did not have a camera and wish I did. These are those unplanned unexpected funny moments. We may not have pictures but we always remember them.