Why not mark a best response?

July 7, 2009 6:35am CST
During my short course of discussions on MyLot, I noticed that nearly every discussion was lacking the best response. Most discussion raisers do not mark a best response even if there are heaps of them just to get more of the responses. Is it right to continue waiting for new responses and eventually forgetting to mark the best response even if there were responses that really deserved a rating or a mark as best? As for me, I do mark it if I think i have got the right answer. Do you do the same?
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• United States
7 Jul 09
I usually mark a best response, but sometimes it is really hard to choose only one! I wish we had the option to mark two as best responses; it would make deciding much easier for me!
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• India
7 Jul 09
Hi, friend. You are right. Many times it is difficult to mark the best response. But, I am glad you usually do that. That also shows in your mylot reputation. Thanks for your response. Happy Mylotting!!
@thea09 (18327)
• Greece
11 Jul 09
Hello Thecreationist, I have just discovered that the unresolved list holds your discussions for you until you choose to mark a topic with best response. I would presume that if you have already awarded a best response others may not bother to provide a well thought out response. I have decided to wait at least a few weeks to add best response as have discovered that discussions can be revived just by someone adding a new response. I do intend to always mark one as I know that it is nice to receive a best response.
• India
11 Jul 09
Hi, friend. You are right. Such discussions remain pending in the unresolved list. I also do the same i.e. i wait for at least a week after the last response before marking the best one. Happy Mylotting!!
@rosekiss (30260)
• Eugene, Oregon
7 Jul 09
I do agree that we should mark best response, but we are told not to do it before a week has passed, that way it gives more users a chance to respond. I have one discussion that I need to go back over the responses and mark the best one. Some people give best responses right away, as maybe they feel they won't get many more responses if any at all, so they mark then immediately. I like to wait and see, to give ample time for others to respond. You never know but that waiting, you might get better responses than what you already have. That being said, best response lets the user know, that there response was so appreciated. Good luck to you and happy mylotting.
• India
8 Jul 09
Hi, friend. You are right. I also wait for some time to get the responses and when its been a day or two without getting one, I go and mark the best one. Thanks for your sincere response. Happy mylotting!!