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July 7, 2009 2:21pm CST
Whenever we talk about or lose another vocal artist whgo had an impact on the times they lived in and died too soon, my boyfriend and I always put it in context of God building the ultimate and endless concert with the greatest artists to have lived. Michael Jackson is now among the best of the best and I bet you he's sitting either at a piano composing with Billie Holiday, Otis Redding, and Nat King Cole, Not to exclude the other KIng Elvis who's bopping around and harmonizing with Michae3l and company. If there is a heaven then Michael may be there, and he may be living a dream that he couldn't have ever fulfilled here a duet with Elvis Jimmy, Janis, Jim Morrisson, Jim Croche, and all the other late greats are finally able to harmonize with one another. I for one do not hope that Michael Jackson is resting in peace. I hope that he is at peace I doubt however that he is resting because when he was alive here with us he never rested. I hope he is composing up a storm. Like my boyfriend says God is building "The Band", I hope the band has studied up on the song "We are the world." because Michael will be extra painstaking in practicing for his performance for God and all the inhabitants of heaven. I always say that Mariah Carey's song "Bliss" is what music in heaven must sound like. But for today the King of Pop is the cheif composer of the music in heaven!
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7 Jul 09
Good thoughts, but wishful thinking really. I can say that because I have a little understanding of God and the Bible. And I can share a couple things with you about this discussion you started. 1st of all and most importantly, each and ever single one of those people you mentioned would have had to Accept the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Lord a Savior, in order to get into heaven for starters. This is NOT my interpretation of what the bible say's, because in John chapter 3 verse 3 it say's that, "Jesus said, No one can see the kingdom of Heaven unless he is born again." In closing I just want to point out that because you and many others enjoy those people you mention, God's ways are not our ways, his thoughts are not our thoughts. Only God knows his personal taste in Music, I do guarantee you this, he does love music, after all he created it. I love music of all kinds, even Christian metal but I'm not saying God does. I hope you, like me, get a chance to find out what kind of "Band" GOD has going on. Be Well & God Bless.