Paid by IMreportcard---anyone?

@katkat (2379)
July 7, 2009 11:21pm CST
I'm hearing good stuff about this site imreportcard but honestly I haven't heard if the site is legit. Can anyone tell me if the site is paying cause I don't want to be scammed again. Thanks
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• India
8 Jul 09
i had reached the payout but they deleted my reason.. they says that i have requested to cancell my account but i have not. i have sent them a support ticket..hope they response it soon.. otherwise i am not going to work for it again.. [b]Keep lotting....keep earning.... byee...[/b]
• Portugal
8 Jul 09
It happened to me exactly the same thing. Well, i havenĀ“t still talked to them, but i cant enter in the site because it says "invalid login" and when i tried to get password back is said"e-mail adress invalid" s, they must have deleted me too
• Italy
9 Jul 09
Hmmmmm. Hello friends. I was interested in join that site, but after readed your testimonies, I'm thinking is better I waste my time on the beach instead of wasting it working on the site :) Thanks a lot for your words. Have a nice time there.
@selina0625 (1383)
• Philippines
22 Aug 09
I just joined today and I have sent my first comment for approval. It's sad hearing that people's account gets deleted with no reason like the responses here especially those from outside of US. I'm not from US either so i just hope that everything goes well for me.
18 Jul 09
I've just started and have reached about 225 credits, i'm outside the USA so I hope they don't delete my account
• Australia
9 Jul 09
I joined it yesterday because a friend from here said that it's a legit site and someone from here had already been paid. I have reached payout the same day but I'm still waiting for my comments to be approved before I can cashout. I guess we just have to wait and see.:)
@buzzmaker (631)
• India
8 Jul 09
I am also a member there but haven't reached the minimum payout limit yet. But one of my friend says that her friend was paid by the site. Which in fact is a good news. I would take her word and continue with the site. Nothing to loose Once we reach the payout limit, we'll come to know first hand about the site!
@srikandi19 (3393)
• Kuta, Indonesia
8 Jul 09
I think .. we must try its. after ciao been closing, seems that site is paid review. and I want join.
@roseyroser (1061)
• United States
8 Jul 09
I joined last night. My referrer has payment proof so I know it is legit. Like the person above said, they are really busy so it's hard to get your comments approved and actually make some money.
@laurahen (596)
• Canada
8 Jul 09
I have heard good stuff about it as well. I became a member last night and made two comments and they are still pending. And the problem is that you can't cash out if you don't make at least 10 comments. I think they might be overwhelmed with people joining up right now and don't have the staff/equipment that can deal with all the people. It seems like you can make tons of money fast though which is really nice. If you want to sign up under my referral you can PM me. It would be greatly appreciated!