Wi fi in the house.

July 8, 2009 11:52am CST
Do you have a wi fi system in your house. I have kept my PC in a spare room and every time I had to go sit and browse in that room. After I bought a Lap top, I asked my inter net provider to give me a wi fi, and surprise they immediatly gave me a wi fi router and did not even charge me for it. So now days I am sitting in the comfort of my bedroom and browsing and writing to all of you. How many of you are having a wifi in your house and what are your experinces.
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17 Jul 09
I only used to have a fixed connection as I only had a desktop PC in the house but recently I purchased a laptop and so installed a wi-fi connection in the house. It is great. Now I am not tied down to the one place to use the internet which is great in the hot summer days. Now I can relax in the sun outside while surfing and doing things like Mylot.
• India
19 Jul 09
Thanks for the response madmillionaire.
• Malaysia
10 Jul 09
hi ramesh i am using a laptop to ... it is the best, i use pc only in my office but for personal use i prefer my lovely laptop .. i am using broadband .. which has a short cable fixed to my laptop .. with this wherever i go .. i can still access to my internet .. even if the place does not have wifi connection .. So i have a travelling internet cable with me .. cheers
• India
11 Jul 09
Hi there sanjana, responding after a long time. How are you, hope everything is well.I think you are very lucky, because a short cable from your regular broadband is helping you to access to your internet. Unfortunately this kind of technology is still not available in India, and during travel and whenever I step out of my house I have to have a seperate internet connection. Thanks for responding.
@tonyllenium (6266)
• Italy
8 Jul 09
I don't have now a wi-fi connection or router at home as well..but i think i would like to have one soon!! So i know that some providers give you the possibility to have a router for free so i was checking me too about it in this way i can surf the net in a more comfortable way!! Surely in soem cases we shoudl be careful because protection key in wi-fi connections are not so secure as in cable one...but i think if you configure correctly your wireless connection it cna be ok too form this point of view as well!
@dolphin2406 (1227)
• Poland
8 Jul 09
I bought my wifi router when I got my place, some two years ago, as at that time the service provider did not have them yet. Today I think they give new members wireless ones themselves. I cannot imagine not having it anymore, I take my laptop everywhere like on the sofa, in bedroom....
• India
8 Jul 09
Yes once you get used to wifi, you cannot live without it. You can sit anywhere in he house and browse, without disturbing any body. Thanks for the response.
@daeckardt (6245)
• United States
8 Jul 09
I don't have wi fi, but I think if I did get a laptop (or get my current one working again), I might try to get it in my house. But if I just get my current one working I would have to buy a card for it because it didn't have one. I would like to have access to a second computer with internet access because my niece always wants to be on my computer and so when she is up, I can't be on the computer. Now that I found this site again, I might want to look into that. Have a great day!!!
• India
8 Jul 09
Thanks for the response daeckardt.