why does it always rain on sports day?!

July 9, 2009 5:20am CST
why oh why does it always bloody rain on sports day!, every year we wish to watch our youngsters in friendly competition with their friends at school, yet the weather always lets us down! taking our rain macs with usshouldnt be part of the deal! the british weather is sooo unpredicatable....
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@Wizzywig (7859)
9 Jul 09
Why, oh why did it NEVER rain on Sports Day when I was at school??? I really hated it!! It was bad enough having to do all that competitive racing stuff during lessons without having all the parents there! Yes, I did go to my sons' sports days and always felt sorry for those kids who obviously hated it as much as I had. I think it should be optional. No kid should be forced into taking part if they dont want to. (that's probably a whole new discussion... which someone else will beat me to!)
9 Jul 09
i totally agree with you, i was always the last one to be picked...oh boo hoo for me! i cant run to save my life! but my little lad does love it (must get it from his dad) and so i enjoy watching him eve tho i didnt enjoy it!