Is so delicious. you can try; Ice cream with pie!

July 9, 2009 7:46am CST
I watch to a american movie, and there i saw how 2 people eat ice cream with pie. And of course i was very courios, and i try too. Is delicious. believe me. All time i eat ice cream as ice cream, and pie as pie. Never toghether. but is very good. You try this combination until now?
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@cwong77 (2011)
• Malaysia
9 Jul 09
This is pretty new for me. I never tried having sweet stuff with savoury. I don't mind a waffle with ice cream, but never had it with pie. Maybe one day should I try.
@icesmile (7172)
• Romania
9 Jul 09
hi there..i try it, and i like it a lot, but i like with cake too. With fruits cake. Is really delicious. People must to try new combinations, sometimes we find new tastes,all what is new can be very intersting. Why not?
@caver1 (1765)
• United States
9 Jul 09
Pie and ice cream, an excellent combination This is not new for me. When I was growing up people would eat pie and ice cream together, but I did not want it. I didn't like to mix my foods up. So I was like you, I would either eat the pie or the ice cream, but not together. When I got older I tried them together and I like it very much. I also eat cake and ice cream and cobbler and ice cream. Still I only like the ice cream with certain kinds of pie, mostly fruit pies. Don't like it with cream pies.