Does your wife work too?

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July 10, 2009 3:18pm CST
From what I knew, majority of our managerial level personnel has a single - income family. It means that only the man working and earning money for the whole family expense. Their wives are staying home take care of the family. Of course, those managerial level personnel earn higher income than us, they has the fund to support the whole family. what about you? Is your family is a single - income family, or a double - income family? (boh husband and wife earning salary for the whole family)
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@dreamr802 (987)
• United States
11 Jul 09
My dad is a VP of one of the offices with the company that he works for. My mom doesn't work, she really has no need to work. But she might go back to work or work part time somewhere because now all the kids are going to be out of the house she will be bored lol. But even before my dad became VP and he was on a desk, my mom hasn't worked. She hasn't worked in fact since she was pregnant with me 24 years ago.
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10 Jul 09
I am a Stay at Home Mom and my Hubby is the only one who brings in the money. Although now he is in a managing position when we were first married he had just started his job and wasnt making what he does now. We still only had one income. We have planned everything out to make it work and done spend above our income. It has been hard at times and I have worked nights for a few months twice to get us through tough times but other then that its all him. My job is to take that one income and make it work in a world where it seems two are needed.