I get all my favorite and newest songs in LIMEWIRE

July 10, 2009 4:21pm CST
I use limewire to get the newest songs. I admit that most of the time, I get virus from downloading to this software. But since I have a very strong Anti-Virus, it automatically delete all those songs with viruses. So I am still happy that I have all my favorite songs. I can get almost every song I search in limewire. I can immediately upload the songs in my MP3 and share to my friends. I have other software that I can use to download songs but since I am used to Limewire, I definitely will stick to it. And the good thing is that, it is all free.
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@sublime03 (1811)
• Philippines
8 Dec 09
I also get all my songs by downloading them thru Limewire. It is very easy to use but the only thing you have to make sure of is your anti-virus is on because alot of people get viruses from downloading. I just had a thought right now. Ever since I started going online, I have always used limewire to download songs thus it has been online for a long time already.
@meyows (438)
• India
16 Jul 09
Thanks for the information, If I use it my computer doesn't get virus right?
• United States
15 Jul 09
I use Limewire too.I like using it too.The only thing i don't like is I can't listen to the song first like on itunes.So I have both itunes and Limewire.
@maezee (34086)
• United States
10 Jul 09
I don't know if you actually know this..But it's ILLEGAL to download music in this manner! Downloading music using programs like Limewire, Kazaa, or any other program where you get it FOR FREE is usually ILLEGAL - for COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT. So I'm not sure if this discussion is going to get deleted or what. It might, just so you know. I'm not going to lie, I occasionally use Limewire too, but I've been really starting to use iTunes or just listening to music on YouTube now instead. The lawsuits just aren't worth it.
@OConnell87 (1046)
10 Jul 09
i do like limewire but since i got a virus from it and I had to have my hard drive completely wiped and start again, i won't use it again just in case it happens again, but bit torrent is meant to be quite good as well