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@zouna5 (566)
July 12, 2009 3:57am CST
i had a flash in my mind yesterday about my blog.I want music to play from behind and if visitor does not want to listen to the track to be able to shut it down.Unfortunately i tried with editing my html template,but no luck...Anybody who has added this feature to his blog or knows how to do it please be my guest.See you all around!
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• United States
12 Jul 09
Just a bit of friendly advice. Informal polls here and there on the web show that most people hate sites and blogs with music. If you really have to have it, at least make sure it isn't on autoplay. Personally, I almost always back out immediately from sites that start music up right away. Most blogs aren't really worth hanging around, anyway, and I'm not going to waste my time looking for the "off" switch. The chances are very good that your taste isn't going to match the taste of all your readers. Some people keep the sound level of their speakers high enough that your music will blast them out. Consider that they may also be playing their own music and don't want to hear anyone else's choice.
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@zouna5 (566)
• Greece
13 Jul 09
Yes i know what are you meaning!I have thought it too,but i really liked a song and was fit my blog,but i think you have a point.