What are your opinions on English people?

@thea09 (18327)
July 13, 2009 4:11am CST
When you think of the English do you imagine well mannered gentlemen in bowler hats and ladies in elegant hats eating cucumber sandwiches. Do you think they spend their leisure time playing croquet and drinking gin and tonic. Or does the image conjur up lager louts and football hooligans? Do you form your impressions from film, books or actual contact? Do be honest.
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• Romania
15 Oct 09
Honesty, that's a rare thing these days. I don't have a general opinion on English people, I've met all kinds of them. Some of them are real gentlemen, having the 5 o'clock tea in the garden with their elegant wives, just like you said. I've met people like that, they're kind of stiff, but very well behaved (at least in public). I've met the hooligan type too... they have that kind of girlfriends that wear a lot of make-up and few clothes and can drink more than they do. And I've also met the average british person, somewhere between the gentleman and the hooligan, educated, well-dressed (english people have taste in choosing their outfits), going out in pubs to have a drink with friends after work, enjoying a concert or an evening at the theatre with the loved one (who usually isn't british native) or a shopping spree on Oxford.
@thea09 (18327)
• Greece
16 Oct 09
Hi Lightwarrior, it sounds as if you've ventured into the UK at some point to be so well up on the English, are maybe there are many in your part of Romanina? Love your description of the hooligans grilfriend by the way, I haven't seen many like that in recent years as this tends to be a tourist spot for the older types, but last time I flew there were quite a lot at the airport off to Benidorm in their shell suits. And definitely used to couples together who aren't necesarily both English as such which is why sometimes it is so suprising on here to read intolerance towards the same in other countries.