Frustrating Postgraduate Experience

@kevchua (1004)
July 15, 2009 12:45am CST
I started my postgraduate studies in a local (Malaysian) university in 2004. Till today, I'm still at it. I was supposed to submit my thesis on 24 June 2009, but as my supervisor was so freakin' busy with her Ph.D. studies at the same university, she was unable to do a final check on my thesis. She tried to get someone to check on her behalf but it didn't happen. That due date has passed, and till today 15 July 2009, the final draft of my thesis is still in my supervisor's hands. To avoid termination, I had to make an application for a monthly extension of thesis submission. That means as long as no one checks my thesis, I've to keep on filing that application!! Things were fine when I started. I attended classes and passed the exams. The problem began when my supervisor started her Ph.D studies when I was in my 2nd year. She had not much time for me. At one point, she suggested that I change supervisor as she feared she might not be able to cope (appreciate that thought), but I refused to change because I've completed all the chapters of my thesis. Getting a new supervisor is "risky", and I believed that she understands my situation better, thus is able to provide further guidance. All she needs to do now is to check what I've done and approve it (if she's happy with it) so that I'm able to send it to the faculty to have the content format checked, and make hardcover copies to be submitted to the Graduate Centre. That's it!!! Besides, after my viva, the examiner's report indicated that I'm qualified to be awarded the M.Ed. degree provided I've made the minor amendments. I've done the amendments, for Pete's sake! ... and I'm still waiting because this ***** doesn't have time to check my thesis. I've made a formal complain in writing to the Deputy Dean, but there wasn't a reply. I sent her a mail reminder, there was no reply too. What irks me most about my supervisor is that she's now on her 3-year study leave, and she gets full salary as well; on the other hand, I'm a full time academic staff in a private university where study leave is non-existent, and I've to pay the fees from my own pocket!! Could you feel my frustration? I just wonder how long that woman wants to keep me waiting. Maybe she expects me to be her secretary and remind her about my thesis because "I've a tight schedule"!! Gee whiz... is she irresponsible or what?
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