We had no water for 8 hours!! gRRRr..

United States
July 15, 2009 1:50am CST
Hello folks... I haven't been on mylot for about a month now, I guess I just had nothing to talk about . ANyway, I was so bumbed out today. I guess there was a problem with our apartment complex' main water break or something and we had no water for so long. After 8 long hours right around 12am midnight, finally we have water again. I had dirty plates in the sink, had to brush my teeth, wash my hands, flush the toilet, lol. And with a weather like 110degrees Omg, cannot live without water ... =P
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• Philippines
17 Jul 09
Wow! there is San Franciso? No water? well, only in that apartment,huh? well better save more water next time. i remember this incident that happened to my auntie in reno. they lost water and electricity during the snow there. i told myself it's impossible your in the US you can't simply just loose electricity??
@thea09 (18321)
• Greece
15 Jul 09
Hello usalflove, I know what it's like, our water goes off quite regularly and it is so maddening. And it is so much worse in the summer when it's so hot! Always when you come home hot and are just about to step in the shower or even worse when you are already in the shower with a head full of shampoo. We don't really suffer for 8 hours like you did, but usually several hours at a time. I now keep bottles of water filled to use for teeth, cooking, drinking, hands and to flush the loo. The other day I felt ridiculous for complaining about it when I responded to a post called 'Blood for water'. That really makes out situation nothing.
• United States
16 Jul 09
Hi! Thank you for reading my complaint lol. Anyway, we also keep a lot of bottled water at home. We try to have a stock of them. Ain't nothing better than mineral water. I hate tap water because it's obviously not as clean as you may think haha. It's summer here right now and it's super hot out here. I like it, but it gets kind of exchausting. =)
@cbeee3 (2063)
• India
15 Jul 09
Oh my god! I am glad that its finally over for you now. Girl friend, looks like we are at opposite ends of the spectrum.ha! Where I am at right now, its raining cats and dogs! There is water everywhere. Its a super gloomy day and I feel like I am sleep-typing..LOL. If you have water issues again, come on over. We have a lot of water to spare.
• United States
16 Jul 09
Hello! Hahahahha !!! I know it felt like torture yesterday, but like you said I'm glad it's all over. They turned off the water again earlier though, but thank god it was only for a couple of hours lol. Where do you live? I txtd my auntie in the phils, and she said it's raining there also. I hate the rain, but I wish for the rain when it's way too hot out. Thanks for the invite by the way =) haha.
@zhuhuifen46 (3485)
• China
21 Jul 09
In my recent home repair, our water pipes were replaced. For a whole day, there was no water supply. I did prepare some pots of water, but barely enough before the water is restored. And during regular roof water container cleaning, we have the same problem. Water is so essential for our living. We cannot do without water.