Will you send your granny/granpa at Elder Care Centers?

July 15, 2009 10:26am CST
Do you have a granny/granpa at home? Can you still handle them? I am from the Philippines and we value family as much as we can. I know that there are lots of cultural differences across the globe. However, do you think that a daughter/son should send his mom/dad at an Elder Care center? Do you think that it'll hurt?
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@spalladino (17925)
• United States
15 Jul 09
Sadly, in the U.S. too many of our elderly end up in Elder Care, known as Nursing Homes here, and it's not a nice experience for them. My ex and I actually took his grandmother out of one many years ago because she was so upset and none of her five children would take her in because she had dementia and wore adult diapers. They were ALL retired and home all day but they didn't care....until we took her out of the place and then they all wanted to jump on us so we had to resort to legal protection for her. That woman did not deserve to spend her last couple of years living in a strange place with strangers taking care of her (when they did) and being forced to listen to other folks screaming all night long. She was too sweet to be treated like that. I hope that the lesson in love that my children lived while we cared for this old woman 24/7 has stuck with them. My girls say they'll take care of me when I'm old but you never know for sure.
• Philippines
15 Jul 09
I already lost my grannies years ago. But yeah, here in the Philippines we have the so-called 'extended' family where even your oldies have to stay with you until their time. I also do want to take care of my oldies during their twilight time. I guess that's one of our trait Filipinos for having closely-knit family ties not practiced in other places. I only have one child and I don't know if he will also take care of us when that time comes when my husband and I were both old and gray. I hope and pray coz as far as I can see he was also so fond and dear with his grannies like us his parents. But just the same, me and my husband is also preparing for our retirement and we want to grow old with just the two of us in a retirement house we will build and just see our only son raise his own family also.