Flirting Strengthens Relationship?

@kevchua (1004)
July 16, 2009 12:31am CST
I'm not sure if you've heard of this before, but I remember reading somewhere quite a long time ago that flirting with someone makes your own love life and relationship with your partner better. Do you agree with this?
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@tbmorris1 (158)
• United States
16 Jul 09
I'm not sure if you mean flirting with your partner or flirting with someone other than your partner. I don't see flirting with someone else helping your relationship any other than possibly warming you up so to speak for private time with your partner!! Someone else can warm you up, yet your partner get all the benefits! Although I do think that flirting with your partner can always help things. I think it creates a little spark between the people. It lets the other know that the interest is still there and only leads to better things!!
@bulzika (280)
• Dominican Republic
16 Jul 09
we, men need flirt. we start most of our relations with flirt. but when we are with one woman we don't flirt to her, because he's already your girlfriend. And flirting with others seems to be some kind of entartainment, and it's absolutely necessary(I think).
• Philippines
16 Jul 09
hmmmm... i dont think so.
@devmitra (274)
• India
16 Jul 09
Helo buddy.I don't think flirting can ever strengthen any relationship,rather,it generates the feeling of disgrace and uncomfortability in your partner.It is a sign that you do not love your spouse in an honest way,which is definitly very unhealthy for any relationship.