a stray dog has been hit by a fast moving truck...

July 16, 2009 1:04am CST
You see that a stray dog has been hit by a fast moving truck while you are on the way to an important appointment. What do you do? Choice: A. I will get the stray to a vet. The appointment can wait. B. I will feel bad about it. But I will proceed for the appointment. C. I will try and make alternate arrangements for the stray to be taken to the vet. Its such dramatic scene if its happens... Im so sorry about that dog, i think... i probably go to see the dog... if its able to survive or not... If its able to walk, i will take care of him until he is getting well... But if he is die, i can do nothing... I know, i may be late around 15-30minutes, but its ok. God knows what im doing... Money is not everything... but chance is everything... And i believe if i fail with my appointment, i will have another chance... My choice: A How about u?
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• India
6 Aug 09
Hello my frend manya_pearl Ji, I will try and do the best under the circumstances, to save the life of the dog and initiate action aganst overspeeding truck. Let's remain with good citizenship qualities. May God bless You an dhave a great time.
@vandhu (432)
• India
16 Jul 09
even my choice is A... life cannot wait, but appointments can do... so i'll proceed with saving the dog and rush to the vet!!!
@stephcjh (32327)
• United States
16 Jul 09
I love dogs and I would feel so bad for it but I would not stop to try to help it. I just couldn't. It would make me sick to my stomach and very upset for it. I may get stuck with the vet bill also since the owner did not tell me to do it.
• India
16 Jul 09
i think friend , for you both of the things are important , so go for the alternative " C ", make some alternative arrangements for the dog, and its also becomes our duty to go and see that dog , to check whether he is in good condition or not ,, "I REALLY APPRECIATE YOUR FEELING , THINKING AND DUTY" for any of the GOD'S creature, keep it up ..