Tempting fate - don't say it too soon!

@thea09 (18327)
July 18, 2009 4:20am CST
A few weeks ago the mosquitoes were doing their worst and despite the usual precautions they were having a feast on me. A friend posted me some benidryl anti itching products which are unavailabe here. Since they arrived I haven't needed to use them as not another bite in sight. As soon as I said this last night a mosquito zoomed in and bit me. How have you tempted fate by speaking too soon?
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@maximax8 (29009)
• United Kingdom
18 Jul 09
Mosquitoes like me and on the way from the airport to our accommodation in St Lucia they bit my legs all over. I bought really strong insect repellent. When I went to Kenya I had arm and leg bands covered in DEET. If I take an umbrella with me it won't rain. If I go out on a sunny day in a t-shirt and a cotton skirt or trousers it will rain and I won't have my umbrella with me. I told my son the bus will be here in a minute and then three wrong buses turn up in the next half an hour.
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@thea09 (18327)
• Greece
18 Jul 09
Hi maximax, tick on the umberella, tick on the t shirt. Can't possibly agree with the bus thing, no one over here would ever say the bus will be along in a minute, it will be along when it feels like it, usually half an hour either side of the scheduled time. And there's only two a day!