Would you allow your children stay overnight just play game?

United States
July 18, 2009 9:51am CST
This morning, I get up and ready for work around 6:00 A.M. it is the same time my nephew just gone to bed. I just noticed that he was playing computer game overnight. Since school is out, he was doing it almost 3 days a week. But that is a bad habit, and I won't agree with him to do so. Should I tell his mom, or my sister about it?
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@thea09 (18327)
• Greece
21 Aug 09
I think that it is a very bad thing that your nephew is staying up all night. Why does his mother let him do this. It is not good discipline for a child to be doing this and you must take his game away from him at once as it can be damaging to the health of the child not only to stay up all night but also to not go to bed. Why is his mother not in the house at this time to teach discipline to this boy. I think your sister should stay at home more and throw this game away.
@ravinskye (8242)
• United States
18 Jul 09
That is a really bad habit. I would talk with your sister about it. But if she thinks it is ok there isn't really much you can do about it. I would never let my kids stay up all night playing video games. Our family does enjoy video games, but I also stress playing outside and board games and other stuff.
@indahfth (11173)
• Indonesia
18 Jul 09
Children who play regular games in the evenings after working on homework problems threatened to sleep and remember power. The result, after the game is played, children need time to sleep. If the video game is played now and again, the video game is not harmful. However, if over-done, this practice can disrupt the rhythm of daily life, such as learning, and other daily activities. If the game, control the behavior, and the day-to-day life of someone, then it can be said that the irrational use of video games. children addicted to the game, perhaps in a way, limit the time to play games, or little by little to direct activities that are interesting and beneficial for children.
• United States
18 Jul 09
If he is staying at your house then you can apply what ever rules you feel are necisary. My nephew spent three weeks with us this summer and he did not get to do near as manythings as he would have been able to at home. If on the other hand he is not staying at your house I would ask your sister how she feels about it. She may not care since it is summer and he does not have to get up for school. When my nephew was with us he could stay up as late as he wanted on Saturday night but no matter what time he went to bed when we woke him up he had to get up and start his day.
@Shadorma (58)
• United States
18 Jul 09
Surely his mom knows? I don't know about other moms, but I can usually hear everything in the house and know exactly what my kids are doing all the time. It is summer, and he does have a right to relax. I say if he wants to try to stay up all night sometimes, then let him. He'll figure out that if he has things to do the next day, he's really tired if he stayed up the night before. Sleep habits can be changed fairly quickly, so when summer is almost over, and he's still doing it, maybe just start talking about how you like to get enough sleep before a big day, and mention how healthy it is for a proper amount of sleep... kids listen to what we say more often than we think, he will pick up on it and probably already knows that he'll have to sleep properly before school. It's just fun to have a little vacation after school, I don't know about you, but I absolutely hated school, so when summer hit, I was doing everything I could think of, including staying up as long as I could playing video games. I think maybe you should not worry about, or just bring it up to the nephew. You might get better results if you treat him more grown up and talk straight to him instead of "tattling".