Why don't people respect each other's religions?

July 19, 2009 5:08am CST
We often go through harsh and abusive words about different religions, written on discussion forums and website comments. The question is why people just can't respect each other's religions.Their venomous views and words can't really help others understand their hatred for some particular religion, but it just results in "The wars of bad, too bad words" among the followers.
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@kevchua (1004)
• Malaysia
24 Jul 09
Hi nskhan. I think the reason why people don't respect other religions is simple. They were not properly educated. A good religion will NEVER teach you to do bad things that hurt people, including people who practise different religions. A good religion will NEVER teach its followers to say bad things about others or their religions. I think those who talk bad about other religions also believe that theirs is the most superior. They simply can't accept the other religions. Again, this goes back to how they had been educated. Bad education (whether in religious classes or at home) causes bad outcomes.
• Pakistan
25 Jul 09
very nice explanation:)...wish such people get a little respectful..
@Capsicum (1444)
• United States
19 Jul 09
I don't know if its the religion part,of it that they don't respect. At least not for me,I don't like to listen to anyone preaching! Just as you said respect. I would appreciate if religious people would stop, giving me there godly views.I certainly don't share mine. If the fire gets hot get out is what,I always say.Politics,money,and religion should be personal as far as,I am concerned. I avoid these conversations,when approached by someone who is telling me,I will die if I don't convert is pretty silly if you ask me.
• Pakistan
19 Jul 09
I started this discussion after reading very offensive remarks on a few youtube (religious) videos.I failed to understand why people stop saying bad things about other religions. as you just said, religion should be personal. Although religious belief is one of the most important factors that shape up your personality, but still we should not judge others just by the religion they follow.All people are not the same. similarly,no religion is all bad.