green tea - drink or don't

July 19, 2009 10:01am CST
Drink green tea can be helped your health is strong and live long.But drink not right way,you can be cancer... So we shoud or shoud not drink green tea?
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23 Jul 09
Tea is actually a cancer preventative and helps to fight oxidative stress in body cells. This apparently is a result of antioxidants which are abundant in green tea. I haven't actually seen anything that says drinking tea causes cancer, in fact tea has many other benefits such as boosting your immune system, is good for your heart, and certain types of tea even are good for your teeth. There is a whole load more on tea benefits in the site links below and this same site has an interesting explanation of antioxidants. Take a look it is interesting and may help dispel your fears. Green Tea Benefits - Black Tea Benefits - White Tea Benefits - There are other pages on that site with further info on the benefits of tea but I think thos give you an idea :-) Enjoy :-)
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25 Jul 09
thank you very much
@KUSHANK55 (2437)
• India
19 Jul 09
drinking tea is good and more so if green tea is taken . but limited quantity only is recommended and too much of any thing is bad!! tea contains antioxidants which are good for health and limited and nicely brewed tea should be taken with healthy foods like eggs etc.!!
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19 Jul 09
oh !!thank u