what you usually like to do for others?

@pinetree (218)
July 20, 2009 1:59am CST
For me I usually like to cook for them and sent gifts
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@jndlponti (2408)
• Philippines
26 Oct 09
I usually like giving food and clothing to kids attending our sunday school activity in our church that were children of the lessfortunite one. I have this passion since I was a college student. I do sunday school teaching voluntarilly without anything in exchange. I just feel so happy everytime I am with this kids. So when the time came that I was offered a job in a prestigious school in our city I left this children with the new volunteer teacher(my younger sister. I try to save evn just a little amount of my sallary each month so I could pack gifts for them on Christmas. I notice that that is the only gift they revcieve for the whole year. So from that time till now I still wanted to continue doing that, even this year I was planning to give them sleepers for they do not have a good one. I hope I could be able to find funds for these kids.
@CJscott (4184)
• Canada
5 Aug 09
My favorite thing to do for others is ARK. That is Acts of Random Kindness. I do this both for friends and strangers alike. One of the very best things you can do for anyone though, and it is an act of kindness like no other, is to LISTEN when they talk to you. Not offer advice necessarily, though sometimes it is called for, but to Listen to them with undivided attention. Turn off the T.V, radio, internet, videogame, close your book, look them in the eye as the speak to you and truly listen to them. And I like to share my Candies and treats. Cheers.
@quita88 (3716)
• United States
21 Jul 09
I like to make people feel good about themselves. There is something good in everyone, don't you think? I do ! In an email I can sense the goodness in someone even tho they are having a bad day. I just tell them there is still tomorrow and to dig deep and find out what is really bothering them. They usually know and act on their own God given instinct. It's nice when someone feels good about themselves and I had a tiny little bit to do with that ! Take care, quita88
@rlaknar (616)
• India
20 Jul 09
I like helping others in their need.