How long are You willing to wait at Doctor's office?

United States
July 20, 2009 5:16am CST
Last week I went to the doctor that had previously done two surgeries in the past on my discs in my neck. I had gotten the results of a test on the phone but they wanted me to come in. I was there over three hours!!! And that was the average wait for all patients. What bothered me the most was all the patients were suffering from some form of pain from spinal injuries. Of course, sitting and waiting for three hours minimum is really going to aggravate condition. It sure did for me. And to top it off, I heard exactly what I was told on the phone. I was just curious what others would do? How much time would you wait? I kind of felt that this doctor was very thoughtless of his patients if he is scheduling so many at the same time.
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• United States
20 Jul 09
That seems very thoughtless and careless of a professional. They should take into consideration the condition of the patients. It sounds like they do not care too much about that. I know the doctors keep making appointments for my son and we have to load him in the van in his wheelchair and drive for like 2 hours just to get there. Then they just ask me how he's doing. I told them to just call me next time and I could let them know how he's doing over the phone and we'd save the trip!
@thea09 (18324)
• Greece
20 Jul 09
Hi ribbon, I feel for you, it is ridiculous that you had to wait so long. I too have had 2 surgeries on my neck for discs (just lovely having your throat cut open isn't it). For my return check up I only had to wait a matter of minutes to see the Dr but it was a 5 hour drive to get there, and another 5 back of course. My doc was very good in that he knew it was difficult to be certain of what time I would arrive due to the distance involved and would hang around at the end of his consulting hours if he knew I was on my way.