How do with a difficult boss?

@nuemann (332)
United States
July 20, 2009 7:02am CST
Hey mylotters, am in a kind of fix and am counting all of you to help me out before I do something that I will regret. I have this boss who is hell bent on making life so difficult for me because of my apparent lifestyle which he knows nothing about. He hates seeing me happy and cheerful. He hates the fact that am living beyond what he is paying me which to me is something I enjoy making him feel because I sacrifice a lot to make things works. My resourcefulness is known by his bosses and every as well but he keeps hating me for o apparent reasons! He goes for less beautiful women and his style is a disease but I don't him realize that though. I have got style and a free spirit which keeps gorgeous ladies and my far superiors around me all the time but my direct boss whom I can never take his place no matter what seem to be seeing me as a threat. I hate it.
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@kevchua (1004)
• Malaysia
20 Jul 09
Hi nuemann, it's rather annoying to have a boss who keeps picking on you. Though you've done so much for the company (and for him), he just doesn't care two hoots about your achievements and your deeds for the company. Well, to this type of bosses, either you give them a black eye (which might put you behind bars) or leave for another job. Your boss merely doesn't like a person who is better than he is - that's a really serious attitude problem. He believes that only he has the right to be happy, to enjoy and to reap the fruits of other people's labour. My advise is, don't do anything irrational. Breathe! Breathe! Think carefully, how long have you been suffering like this? A year? Six months? In fact for me, 3 months is more than enough! Have you ever confronted him, look at him in the eye and asked him what have you done wrong to make him despise you so much? If you don't get a satisfactory reply, I suggest that you leave. There are other companies (with more humane bosses) that truly need people like you, and appreciate having people like you around. Hope this helps. Good luck!