You like to drive fast or you like to drive just in speed limit?

@icesmile (7172)
July 21, 2009 7:30am CST
Sometimes people say so many about how they are , if we saw them how they drive. Impatient, norvious, impulsive, calm, with good sense , or somebody who really don t care about his life and others life too. Do you are a person who respect driving rules and drive in speed limit, or like to drive faster and faster, because you like speed? What kind of driver you are?
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• Indonesia
9 Aug 09
I respect rules but I love speed! I like to drive faster and faster, especially when rain pours's so beautiful! but my dad angry with me everytime I do it, so I stop it and try to drive more patiently and safely.. I know, higher than 140 km/h, it's already difficult to control the car.. my dad really careful in driving and has good sense,,eventhough he can drive fastly too if he want..
• Canada
9 Aug 09
My husband and I don't drive, but we do go places with my mother. She sometimes drives a little bit over the speed limit, but not so much as to really be noticed.
@meapas (2434)
• India
22 Jul 09
Better to be safe than to be sorry is what I follow. meapas.
@khayshenz (1387)
• United States
22 Jul 09
I like to keep it about 5 mph above the speed limit and below 2000 RPM (it's the way my engine saves gas). Plus, the cost of over speeding is just way too expensive for me. So I keep that in mind when I'm driving. When I encounter slower drivers though, it just drives me off the wall. Especially when they're on the fast lane and won't move to the slower lane. That's just rude and incosiderate. I dislike inconsiderate drivers like that!!
@jugsjugs (13044)
21 Jul 09
I drive and i always stick to the speed limit as i can not afford a speeding fine.I do tend to get fed up with people sitting close behind my car trying to push me into breaking the speed limit,so i tend to slow down even more so they dont like it either.Happy Mylotting.
@marianna45 (1400)
• Romania
21 Jul 09
hello there, i am sorry to say, but i like speed, for this i lose my license last year, because of a small accident, when i was so scared, and even now i can t drive any more. So, is better to drive in speed limits, sometimes life is so short, maybe we must know to protect our self.
@checkmail (2042)
• India
21 Jul 09
Hello icesmile this is checkmail and do prefer to watch the drivers while driving, as i don't drive yet.But according to me if the way is broad and empty we can drive it fast as much as we like, but in some traffic we have to drive it in limited speed with much more control over our vechile.I do care for other peoples life and also appreciates the way one drives within limits.
@tigeraunt (6331)
• Philippines
21 Jul 09
i learned driving from my sister. but i never drive in the highway because i dont have a license. also dont do that very often hence i am not good driving so i guess i will drive not really slow but very carefully. happy mylotting. ann
@thea09 (18323)
• Greece
21 Jul 09
Hi icesmile, I personally drive at a steady speed unlike most of the maniacs on the road out here. It pays to be sensible as you never know when a car overtaking an oncoming car on the bends is going to be going just to fast to avoid. Overtaking is a national pastime by the way. Now as to the matter of speed limits I don't think we actually have one. Speed in town is slower as there is usually a long line of cars all looking for somewhere to park or double park (we don't use car parks on principe) but often a good parking spot is on the pavement outside the car park. Driving methods here show that a Greek man is a Greek man, anyone driving normally on the roads must thus by definition be a tourist.
@just4you0 (422)
• India
21 Jul 09
Oh, thats the thing for which my parents use to shout on me. Actualy, i drive so fast and break all limit while riding bikes. I also had an accident and then i drove slowly for few days but now again i forgot everything. I became habitual of it but i want to change my this habit. Happy mylotting!