Have you ever travelled by car between different countries?

July 21, 2009 11:26am CST
Surely this will be a great experience. I admit that i haven't done it yet, but I am looking forward to do it.Propositions are acceptable!!!
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• India
21 Jul 09
even i have not experienced this thing but has recently seen a man in guiness show who travelled the whole world on his black 250 cc bike.have a good day
• Greece
21 Jul 09
Do you know how much it took him to do this?
@agent807 (723)
• United States
12 Aug 09
I used to run back and forth between Detroit (U.S.) and Windsor (Canada) when it was easy to do such, but I need to invest in a passport now because it is difficult. Not many cities can claim the neighboring city is in another country.
• Canada
29 Jul 09
As a matter of fact, I have travelled by car between different countries. I live in Toronto and was able to drive down Miami in a couple of days. I like driving a little but more than riding in airplanes because on my trip to Miami I was able to pass by many different cities like Atlanta and Cincinnati. If you have the chance to drive between different countries, you should go for it!
@gcorp09 (940)
• Singapore
28 Jul 09
Yes, I have. My husband will sometimes drive me up to Malaysia (Johor Bahru), which is separated by a bridge. The whole journey is not very long, and only take around half an hour to 1 hour to reach the other side. However, if there are traffic jams at the customs, then it may take slightly longer. We will usually go there for some shopping and eating. Well, we are also thinking of driving up further into Malaysia, of which it will take longer.
@khayshenz (1387)
• United States
22 Jul 09
I have - between US and Mexico (Baja California). On the way down there, there was no traffic at all. But on the way back into the US - the traffic was ridiculous and annoying. My goodness! I don't wanna go through that ever again!!! Anyways, I'm thinking of going to Canada by car next time. It's gonna have to wait though because the bf doesn't have a passport. And these days, they require passport to go back in the US. But that's gonna be a long drive - I'm gonna have to go through Oregon and Washington. Both gorgeous states - so no worries.