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July 21, 2009 11:27am CST
There is always so much in the news these days about the downturn in the economy, jobs lost, income down. Last week I was in a government office to register a new business. The people working at the desk were complaining about how bad things are economically. Now while that is a reality, I couldn't help but notice that they all had jobs. They also said that there have been more requests for new businesses than they have ever seen before. Now that money is a bit tight, it seems that we have to think of how to solve a problem without throwing money at it. I am getting excited thinking about all the creativity that we will see as individuals step out of their comfort zone and try new ideas. How has this change in the economy positively affected you (we know the negative so this discussion is not for that)? I would love to hear stories of success that came out of change both from the past and the present. Have you learned something new about yourself that is positive through these changes?
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@Shellyann36 (11273)
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25 Jul 09
I think the downfall in the economy is teaching the "have more" crowd to live with what they already have instead of having to go out and purchase the next newest thing. I know we have cut back drastically around my home and I see it continuing. I also think that it is good that people are expanding more and trying new things.
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30 Aug 09
I agree. It is nice when our life is balanced between spending, saving, and giving. Sometimes it's like walking a tightrope but after a little practice, it works well.