Wheer would u go with your best friend(s) given the chance?

United States
July 22, 2009 2:45am CST
Sooo..ur kids are taken care of..your job and hubby are..u have enough money to do anything for a week straight with your best buddies..where and what would you do? iF IT WAS ME..SIMPLE..id take a cruise to the Cahman islands..just relax on the beach..drinking my cocktails with lil umbrellas catchin some sun and and swim and scuba my heart out..this is my dream soemeday:).
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• United States
22 Jul 09
I would most deff.. head out to hawaii.. but right now my boyfriend is my bestfriend! so i'd have to say it would be a double plus an amazing time with my babe at the place of my dreams! hehe... and don't give up on your dream girl everyone needs a good vacation! :) great question!
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• United States
22 Jul 09
aww Hawaii!! Nice one!! yeaa i think ill stop there too lol..and hun..im not lookin for a dream girl( i am a girl )..lol..im takin my girl buddies with me!! lol! have a great one!
@jewel76 (2305)
• Canada
28 Jul 09
I'd probably do something similar, or else, go somewhere in the Greek islands, and party all night!!
@sarav29 (46)
• India
27 Jul 09
I am always spend time with my friends and goto some calm and beautiful places
• United States
23 Jul 09
For me, when im given a chance to be with my friends, hmm id rather go to the beach, like in boracay philippines, have an adventure there and do all the things that we want to do!
@tess1960 (2386)
• United States
22 Jul 09
I would spend a week at an artists retreat in Italy. Food, fun, journalling, art lessons, sight seeing, more creative play. That's my dream vacation. Yours sounds like fun too.