@wergild (189)
July 23, 2009 12:28am CST
How do you react when you see all those poachers killing elephants and rhinos for their tusk? don't you find it sick to see those gentle beasts getting slaughtered just so rich people can dress nicely?
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@kshp_dpk (214)
• India
3 Aug 10
I feel sad to hear this things, I really don't understand that why most of people kill animals,i think killing animal is sin for us. They never realize that the animals also have same life and same pain like us human being have. So better do take care of them and protect from other.
@kevchua (1004)
• Malaysia
23 Jul 09
Obviously i'd be horrible!! As it is, I don't like to see stray dogs being shot and dragged into the back of a truck to be disposed of. Poachers just want money, they don't care about animals. Activists have protested, but no one listens. So it's gonna keep happening. As long as there's a demand for exotic stuff, there will be killing. Sad but true.