education for our children

July 23, 2009 1:06am CST
i have taught in the university for almost four years.,, i enjoyed it, and i would say i have given most of my creative juices to ease complicated topic my curriculum requires. i have learned from my students and grew with them as well...somehow it made me love teaching as a profession in an instant because not only of its nobility, but i guess how you affect other people, especially those who will be jump starting their career on the next few years. looking back, i missed being in front of young minds, but this time, i feel that pre-school education is far challenging than facing young adults... i am starting a home school crafting, play and learning...but i seem to need a little boost of confidence to do am i suppose to start with home schooling?
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@barehugs (8986)
• Canada
24 Jul 09
I live in Canada, have been a Farmer all my life, will soon be 76 years old, and have a Grade 8 education. I've been on the Internet for 10 years, I have a Blog, and I still work every day in the summer. In the winter I move 2000 miles south to my winter home in South Texas. I have 400 colonies of Honeybees and I love my work. I believe education is greatly overrated. This world wide recession we are all enjoying was initiated by Ivy Leaguers, graduates from the worlds leading Universities. These Famous Institutions of Learning are still teaching the same catechism of greed and self gratification. For God's sake teach your kids at home!