What is your first loan?

@rirbry (353)
July 23, 2009 2:00am CST
My first loan is studying loan and i applying it when i was just 19 years old =0
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• India
4 Aug 09
My first loan was Educational loan. Even I took it at the age of 19. Now that I am in situation to pay even my father loan too. I am focus on that.. so I haven't started to repay my own loan.
@ucue2008 (926)
• Malaysia
23 Jul 09
Hi rirbry, is it PTPTN? Mine is PTPTN, and I took it when I was 20 years old. Have you started to pay it back? It kind scary to see the interest and service charge that they give monthly, so I kind try hard to pay as much as I can, but it kind impossible when there are so many things to pay and buy. Anyway, happy mylotting
@thea09 (18327)
• Greece
23 Jul 09
Good morning rirbry, I think that it is terrible that at the age of 19 you had to take a loan to finance your studies and build up debt at such a young age. When I was at university we were given student grants to live on and all tuition was free. That was back in England and things there have changed now and the students have to start off life with student debt too. Myself I don't like to have debt of any kind and the most serious loan I had was a mortgage which I took over as short a term as possible in order to avoid excessive bank interest.
@aschip (166)
• India
23 Jul 09
I got my first loan when I bought my first home this month !! :) I hope I repay it as soon as I can. Debt is always a bad thing !
• Philippines
23 Jul 09
my first loan is my credit card! haha