Do you miss school?

United States
July 23, 2009 10:53am CST
This is the first summer I didn't take any additional classes. First, no classes I needed were being offered. Second, if they were, I couldn't afford them anyway. I was glad to have a break at first, but now I miss school and want to go back. I also can't wait to go back because this will be my last year. Do you miss school?
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• Philippines
25 Jul 09
When I was a child I dream of getting older so I could work and earn money. Now that I am grown up man I wish I was a student. There are lots of things I miss in school I miss my teacher who always ask me to recite. I miss my classmates the way we fool around make some cheating materials for examintaion. I miss the friendship and family we built inside the classrooms. I miss the competition being in the honor list. I miss math subjects. The endless debates because no one wants to lose. I m really miss school.
@suzzy3 (8357)
24 Jul 09
My son is missing school like crazy.He packed up school in mid june and is not sixteen till august the sixteenth so he has not been able to find a part time job.He is helping me a bit around the house but seems to need to sleep a lot.When you think about it he has spent the last four years taking exams and passing most of them he has to wait for another month for his final results ,so i think he has earn't a rest ,there is so much pressure on young people to succedd it is a wonder they don't all have nervous breakdowns ,so I expect you could do with a rest yourself after all that hard work and stress.He will return to school to take his Alevels for two years.Take care and have a rest for goodness sake.