Living Beyond Means Gets Gruesome

United States
July 23, 2009 2:18pm CST
A couple who stole to live the Caviar Dreams, Cocaine Highs, and Champagne Wishes Lifestyle with a side of stolen Yacht were found starved to death off the African coast. * Senegalese police at first thought there was foul play involved, but that proved not to be the case when Mrs Arthurs-Chegini's grim diary was found. Said diary was an account of weeks at sea with out food or water, a subsistence on only urine and sea water aboard a malfunctioning stolen craft adrift amidst the ocean. * Mrs. Chegini and Mr. Peter Clarke, 49, & 46 were at first thought to have either been victims of pirates that menaced the coast or payback of the yachts' rightful owner as both were in advanced decomposition. The true state of affairs was later uncovered along with their identities. * Stealing yachts can be dangerous as well as illegal...
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