Do you have a personal saving plan for retirement?

@dex1007 (556)
July 23, 2009 10:47pm CST
I once saw an ad saying, an adult should start saving for their retirement from their 20's. Do you have saving plans? I haven't think as far as retirement, i feel guilty. I should start planning. What about you guys?
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@Daveslaw (65)
• Australia
24 Jul 09
Yes this is true. Saving for retrement is one important part of anyone's life. However young people normally don't save for retirement because its too early. However if you are looking to save for retirement the best thing you can do is speak to a financial advisor and your accountant (remember you get what you pay for an don't go cheap as this sometimes reflex in the outcomes). I am a financial advisor and a senior accountant of a firm (no i'm not old as in senior! ha!) and planning for retirement is not that hard if you have a plan. However saving money in a bank account is not always the best way to plan. Each country has different taxation laws and these need to be considered to ensure you do not waste so much money in taxation that the government will keep. Planning a retirement income stream completely Tax-Free is achievable in some countries (Australia being one) but there are alot of rules and sections you must comply with to get these benefits. Get your advise! Start early! Enjoy life! Enjoy Retirement! PS. Remember that compound interest is the most powerful calculations of all times. Start now and get a head start!
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@dex1007 (556)
• Malaysia
24 Jul 09
wow... that is very good information. thank you so much. but wait... one problem... i don't know which country i'll be next year, forget when i'm old and retired. (we move a lot)