Have you ever open up to your mother about problems?

July 24, 2009 6:03am CST
Awhile ago on the phone, I told my mother about my money problem. I didn't told her before because I am so afraid to be scolded. I've realized that I have to tell it right now because I cannot control it no more. If I continue to keep it to myself, I would definitely hurt myself again. I'm trying to avoid that now as much as possible. My tears were flowing while on the phone but I tried to pretend that I am not crying. My mother told me not to worry about it because she'll help me get through with it. She also told my father and for a certain reason they're not angry with me, much different from what I expected. I am so glad that parents is always there for me. I can breathe now.
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• Australia
24 Jul 09
I have told my mother about personal problems before, i was stuck deep and she helped me hence why i think its good to let my mum know, mums will do anything for you... Remember that.
• Philippines
24 Jul 09
Now that I told her, I can breathe already.
@besthope44 (12145)
• India
14 Aug 10
Well i dont have any secret with my mom and she is my best friend!
@tintukm (1084)
• India
26 Aug 09
Yes she's the only person to whom I open my problems too because she gives so positive suggestions that make one feel that there weren't any problem as such. Mother's have typical heart with full and all types of solutions to problems of any sort.Being true to her is what we as a son/daughter should do.Friends too can be suggested in terms of advices but mother's after father are the best,I must say.
@indahfth (11173)
• Indonesia
8 Aug 09
not have parents who leave children in the problem. parents will always be there for us. my parents to do the same. but, sometimes I do not want my parents make a fuss. I do not want my parents hard, because I am. I often told not a problem to the parents, if I can finish themselves.
• China
1 Aug 09
yes,i have.i learned a lot of knowlege about computer in school.at home i can tell my mom how to use the computer
@ucue2008 (926)
• Malaysia
31 Jul 09
Yes, of course, but I tried to make it less problematic than it really is because my parents are old and I don;t want them to really worry about me. I want them to be happy, so no matter what circumstances I am, but after I know that my parents are great and healthy, that's enough for me. I love them so much that I willing to sacrifice anything.
@treychi (122)
• Philippines
28 Jul 09
Hi! Good thing you're okay now! I'm happy that yu and your family were that close. We as children always thought that if we have problems and if we try to tell it to our parents they'll get angry. Yeah that's quite right. Most of the time we'll get scolded by our parents if we make mistakes. But after that parents will surely help us. For me, most of the time If I have problems an I can't do anything about it. I'll tell mom first. But if I have those problems that I know I can resolve it all by myself, I won't tell it to them.
@ckyera (17261)
• Philippines
24 Jul 09
yes i do. but there are some problems that i don't really share to her for a simple reason that i don't want her to worry... but there are times that i really tell her my problems specially when i can't handle it myself...one problem that i remember sharing to her is my problem regarding my love life! hehehe that's the only problem that i remember that i told her and i am really crying while telling her what i feel...i am so helpless that time and i can't think of anybody to whom i can open up my feelings...and my mom is really sensitive about my feelings and she knows me very well...actually she's the one who approach me and told me to open up with her and talk with her about that, coz she saw how it affects me...then i told her everything...and she even cries with me! huh! she just embrace me and give some advices...and finally laugh at me and say..."cheer up my baby! you can do it...just listen to your heart!" after that talk to her...i feel like a big thorn is pulled out my heart and i feel better... well, moms are really great and i'm so happy that i have a mom as understanding as her and as friendly as her... your parents are also very nice and i think most parents are like that...parents are always there to support their children! cheers to our parents!
• India
24 Jul 09
My mother has always been my best friend. Right from chilhood i discuss all my problems with my mother. She has always been a good mentor for me in my life. Now it is my turn and i see to it that i mainatain the same frienship with my daughter. We discuss anything under the sun including all personal feelings.