Why do people make blonde jokes?

@kevchua (1004)
July 24, 2009 10:01am CST
I've seen it many times; I'm tired of hearing it. It's not funny anymore. Why do people make fun of blondes and make blonde jokes? It's everywhere - on TV, in cartoon strips, on the Internet. Who started it, and why blonde and not brunette or some other colours? I'd like to know. What do you think?
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@jessi0887 (2794)
• United States
24 Jul 09
I am blonde. I use to get offended when someone made a blonde joke. But the thing is I know I am a smart individual so I just overlook those jokes. And your right a blonde is no different then a brunette or red head.
@kevchua (1004)
• Malaysia
25 Jul 09
Thanks for your response, Jessi. Yes, I agree that there are lots of intelligent blondes out there. It's just strange that people choose to pick blondes as their target of humour and humiliation. Hmm, I guess they're jealous that blondes are just smarter than them. Whatever, they've no respect. Cheers!
@Nic7389 (186)
24 Jul 09
i guess its just sort of become a tradition, blondes are supposedly the more out-going, fun, sexy type, where-as brunettes are more serious, boring people. red-heads are usually fiery and aggressive girls. we all know its total rubbish but its just an old tradition really. but, i totally agree, the jokes aren't funny, never were, and never will be.