Have your ever posted a video on youtube?

July 25, 2009 8:16am CST
Have you ever posted a video on youtube? What sort of video is it? How many views and rating you got? How many comments ? Any negative comments? Finally , ARE YOU FAMOUS on youtube?
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@cbeee3 (2064)
• India
25 Jul 09
My answers would be these: I have never posted a video on You tube.Since I have no video I can't say which kind of a video it is or what the rating was.. I am not famous on youtube. Now I fire that question back at ya. What about you? Same questions for you now.Let's hear your reply.
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@Pigglies (9339)
• United States
1 Aug 09
Yes, I've posted several videos on YouTube. Mine are generally music videos. The most views I have is over 15,000 for a single video. The ratings are overall pretty good. I'm not sure how many comments exactly, but there are always a few negative ones too. But I don't really care. I wouldn't consider myself famous on YouTube but a few people have seen me before and been like, "Hey, I saw you on YouTube!"
@patofgold23 (5075)
• Philippines
29 Jul 09
yeah...i did post a video on youtube years ago when I was so in-love with an idiot I used to date... it was like slideshow type of video with our photos together, and I think back and am so disgusted about it! by the way, how do you delete it when you don't have the password of your old account anymore???
@Tibor1450 (208)
• Hungary
27 Jul 09
I have never posted a video on youtube, but it is the best opportunity to upload your videos.I usually watch funny, and amazing videos. If you want to upload, or just want to watch some great videos, try youtube.
• Canada
27 Jul 09
Yes, I have posted many videos to Youtube. Mainly auto show videos shot with my trusty Flip Ultra. My most viewed video has 9700 views. I don't care if the comments are positive or negative as long as there are comments, that's fine.
• India
25 Jul 09
Hi Harjotdoad,[b] [/b]Yes.. I do have a youtube account. not only for watching as well as the uploads. Earlier I was very famous with my raghul77ster account. I was ranking 77 comparing any directors account in youtube account. Too bad that they suspended my account as i uploaded wrestling rare copyrighted videos as users kept on requested me. It happened the day before my bithday.I couldnt say 'no' and dint had any ideas in uploading other places like torrents, etc., Then I lost interest in youtube and totally stopped visiting that site. I didnt even want to go there. Later, anyhow I changed my mind and started a comedian channel named "hitmanraghul". I am confident of uploading full and full my own copyrighted videos. Its really good now and one of my comedy video which i did video editing, crossed 16800 views recently. I am happy more for this than my last account which simply got 100000 views for wrestling videos. I am not much active in youtube. hereafter i try to be active. I am still not famous with this account. anyway, joined in top 100 subscribers list of India. And negative comments???? Yes.. I recieved a large quantity. I got angry by those fools and gave back three time negative what they said. but later, when my friends came to view my page, I understood what i did is wrong. So, I deleted all comments and changed setting as nobody can comment(to one particular video). Thats all about it friend.. Have a nice time!
@adz333 (176)
• India
25 Jul 09
ya have posted some videos that we took during our farewell from school.well that doesnt have any rating or comments n all.But I got many views to those videos andmy friends did like that and they did add it on orkut.About being famous..errr.. not at all..happy mylotting