what was your boss' reaction when you said you wanted to leave

July 25, 2009 12:39pm CST
Tonight i was so down becoz of another abortion of project that i have followed for one hell of year, and before i was still swaying about going or no, but this failure all brought up all my bitterness onto the table..i have been here for one year bearing without one order!so finally tonight i mailed to him about my thinking of quiting, his words fell into my speculation, he didn't want me to leave at all...wat am i gonna do..
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• United States
27 Jul 09
Hi, Bill! If your boss doesn't want you to leave, what is he r she willing to do to improve your working conditions? Knowing what a warm and intelligent young man you are, I would think it would be very difficult to replace you, so of course nobody wants to lose you. If the offer isn't there, or is insufficient, it's time to move on, regardless of the boss's feelings. Someone will take your place, and probably will not do as well. Good luck with whatever decision you make. Joanne
• China
5 Aug 09
Thats a good line to follow,what's god for me to be here, what you can offer to me to keep me staying here.!!now i m looking for new jobs, but have to say, it's not easy to not embark on the right bus again.at least in a short time,Coz i really want a break, long break enough to clear the wreakage in my mind and start up again!
• United States
5 Aug 09
If you can afford to take a break, it will help to clear your mind, Bill. It shouldn't be too long, though, or your enthusiasm will be lost. A complete change of scenery would do wonders, if you can get away somewhere. Give some very serious thought to exactly what you want to do and in what sort of situation, and then find it. It's there somewhere, if you're determined to make it happen. From what I know of you, I have no doubt you will absolutely find your place in the world and make it shine! Joanne
• China
6 Aug 09
that's very sweet of you, Joanne!!!!! you ware so nice, i can't help thinking of my previous english teacher in college, she is more or less the same age as you , i take her as a grandma, we are very close, she is in canada... today i went to an English Lingual Institue--Linguaphone. i applied for Study Advisory, right after i went out to take the bus back, they called me for tomorrow's interview. this time i gotta be serious. i ll double think if they offer me the job. the working enviorment is stunningly great.
@Shery32 (424)
• Saudi Arabia
26 Jul 09
I think different ppl have different kind of acting or reactions that might surprise us when we think of it as to us it does not seem acceptable or match the way we might act. We can not expect ppl to act they we do or to do the same things we would do. Some bosses has their own way of making everyone hats them :P one way or the other. I think you should discuss with your boss the issues of leaving and give your reasons and check with him they ways that need to be improved. I think it is not fair that you leave as you worked for a whole year on this and you should be the one to earn and see the success of this project. If you leave it and then someone else completes what you have started then you Failed and he/she Succeeded. This would be all based on your efforts but with a small difference. The success will be for the new person but if the project fails, they'll say it is because of "you" as it was based on what you did. So why let someone else take what is yours? :) I think you can make it, keep going :D