Whats with Pisces?

July 26, 2009 9:44am CST
I have been reading a lot about Pisces, but honestly is it really that generic? What are the ingredients that makes you a Pisces? A cup this, a spoonful of that, a pinch of something, a dash of other things. I know there are many factors that make you unique not just a Pisces. You could be influenced by your environment, your belief and stuff like that but why do we have the characteristic described in a sign? May it be zodiac, Chinese zodiac, planet alignment, nature elements or what not... My focus is the questions I have in my head about me being Pisces. I need to read more...
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17 Mar 10
I love being a pisces. We are the last of the Zodiac, they say this is our last time here and if we learn our lesson we have a choice to come back or not. I think I was a Pisces in my past life too because I feel I made the choice to come back and I know for sure this is my last time here, I cam feel it and I feel I've been here many many times before.
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@gypsygoth (244)
• Philippines
28 Feb 12
There are more aspects to being a Pisces. Having it as a Sun Sign is only the surface, there are also other things that could influence a Pisces depending on his Moon Sign, Venus Sign and Mars Sign and so on. Like me for example, My Sun sign is Pisces but my Venus sign is an Aries so i have a different outlook or take on my emotions sometimes. You could have a more in depth understanding of your characteristics when you learn about the other signs and aspects that influence you when you get your natal chart sorted out. There are a lot of useful websites online that offer free services on having your whole natal chart being analyzed ;)
@RieRie (821)
26 Jul 09
Sometimes zodiac signs are accurate, sometimes not. It's apparently to do with how the planets were when you were born for example I'm Libra, when Venus was most visible (I think that's right) and as Venus is the Goddess of Love, I'm supposed to need to be in Love and I think that's also to do with having to be balanced, as in I would need to have someone else to be balanced. I only remember that Pisces are meant to be daydreamers.