biggest loser fans

United States
July 26, 2009 11:22am CST
I adore The Biggest Loser. They change lives, teach people to work hard, and they make a difference. I used to be 220 pounds at the age of 15!! I lost weight on my own, no drugs, no surgery, no starving myself. Just clean old fashion hard work. When I watch this show i am amazed that these people are doing the same and my heart really goes out to them. It motivates me to stay healthy! And I love Jillian, she is amazing.
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@Torrs13 (217)
• United States
25 Nov 09
The Biggest Loser is such an inspirational show. Every Tuesday night I sit down with my grandma and watch it. I love how Bob and Jillian really try to get to the bottom of the contestants' issues so that they aren't more prone to going back to their old ways. Speaking of, I was shocked to hear that one of the former winners gained all his weight back!
@KrauseHome (35517)
• United States
15 Oct 09
This show is truly amazing, and it makes me Glad to see people that have struggled with weight all of their lives to be more Healthy. I also enjoy learning about some of the foods and the calories, and what is best for you. As being Diabetic and having to watch that I do not gain anymore it is interesting things we can all benefit from for sure.
@Tantrums (949)
• Philippines
3 Oct 09
I have only seen it once, because it was on opposite something else I watch regularly. I think the people who go on the show are very brave to bring their problems in front of an audience that way. I'm sure they provide inspiration for a great number of people. I think they're great, no matter how much they lose!
@rosekiss (30260)
• Eugene, Oregon
22 Sep 09
I realy like the biggenst loser. I do give them credit for going on there and doing what they do. I know I couldn't do it, that is for sure. I probably couldn't do half of what they do. The challenges are just that, challenging, and they sure do put them through a lot but that is how they get them motivated to want to lose weight. I do need to lose weight, at least some anyway. I do walk everyday, and that does help, and I do try to watch what I eat, so that should help too. I am looking forward to this season as it will be a good one. Have a good day, and happy mylotting.
@dorannmwin (36698)
• United States
13 Aug 09
I am a huge fan of The Biggest Loser, I've actually considered applying to become a contestant on the show, but my husband is afraid of what would happen with our children while I am gone. However, the show has definitely motivated myself to make changes in myself. I now eat differently, I exercise a lot more and I pay more attention to people. I have three of The Biggest Loser workout videos that I absolutely love. They really work you and it gives you a pretty good idea of just what the contestants on the show are going through.
2 Aug 09
I love the show to I never miss it. And I am glad that they changed it to a 2 hour show instead of 1 we get to see so much more. I am always amazed when they get onto the scale at how much they have lost. The show really touches people and motivates them. I cant wait for the next one to start.
@Capsicum (1444)
• United States
28 Jul 09
I feel the same way about motivation.I also work out with Jillian everyday on demand. I am very scared of ever getting fat . I watch a lot of this type of stuff to give me the power to keep my healthy habits up.
• United States
26 Jul 09
Congrats to you!!! I have just begun my journey to weight loss. After having my 4th, and last, baby,I have decided that it is time to stop making excuses for myself. I, too, love that show. I also like to watch "The Diet Detective". But my fav is Biggest Loser. One day, that will be me.