how to improve the performance??

July 26, 2009 11:28pm CST
whenever i homework,i always can not concentrate,i do[how to focus my efforts,but not]
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• India
19 Dec 09
Well u need to very focus on your goal that you need to achieve and no matter what the difficulty you face in your life u will over come from all this and improve your performance as well
• Philippines
10 Aug 09
Let me share my experience, I think of my homework as a game, think about my favorite food, artist or song or do something I wanted to do while doing it. That's what I always do whenever I do my homework.
• India
5 Aug 09
Hello friend. You have raised a very good question and I think this is the problem of most of the students of your and my age group. My response would be quite surprising to you. I think that the best way to concentrate on your studies is to not give much time to your studies!! Surprised!! Yes, This is my personal experience that initially you should not give much time to ur studies rather do some other works that interests you. This will make you feel better and slowly slowly try to improve that time of ur studies. I believe that if we try to be much harsh on us then we may not be able to concentrate on studies and then it will be difficult to regain from that. Whenever you feel boredom from your studies, leave it as such and do some thing more interesting than it. Also, meditation can also be lot helpful in this regard. Also, try to find interesting things in your homework and plan for something good that you can do after completing your homework. That will also inspire you to complete the task. Happy MyLotting.
@dex1007 (556)
• Malaysia
27 Jul 09
well kingjing, here is what i do. I do something fun before i start studying. I usually read a few chapters of a novel. Or listen to music. if there's anything i need to do, i do it first, like take a shower, or if there is laundry. I do everything i need to do, so that when i'm studying, i don't have anything on my mind. it works for me. and after 2 hours of studying, sometimes less, i stop. read a chapter of my novel again, or listen to music. then go back studying. it refreshes my mind and i can work better. you need to find what works for you. good luck!
@zhpshql (695)
• China
27 Jul 09
Hello,kingjing, I had the same situation with you before,very few person really like doing homework, I think,it's so boring. So don't feel so upset,you are OK,try your best,if you can concentrate on your work , you are great,if you can't ,then try to find some interesting things to do ,anyway,you can't waste your time.~~Do some thing that makes sense. And good luck,enjoy your happy time.~~you are young,you can do everything.
• Philippines
27 Jul 09
it depends on interest, you should do something that makes you uplifting or encourage you to at least motivate to do your homework. like watch tv, dance, drawing,internet, and others. and once you are tired of it, that's the time you do your homework.